Bealstone Inc. Spotlight: Dylan P.

It was the appeal of something new that lead Dylan to apply to Bealstone Inc. Earlier last year. This time last year, Dylan was a full time carpenter but decided that he needed better opportunity for his beautiful family. Over the last year, he’s earned recognition from the client countless times and better yet the opportunity and skills to more then support his family. Meet Dylan, our spotlight feature this month!

Dylan hails from Monongahela and attended Ring Gold High School. After graduation, he earned an associated degree in commercial carpentry and started a career. After deciding that carpentry was no longer a viable option, he started submitting applications, where he found his way to Bealstone Inc. He liked that promotions were given based on performance, not seniority. It was an opportunity to try something new and exciting under the well structured training that Bealstone Inc. provides. “Every day is a new fun and exciting challenge on how to improve not only your career but yourself as well.”  according to Dylan. He really made sure to take advantage of what our team has to offer by coming in early to meet with top performers and reaching out to our client’s best across the country. With all of his hard work, he was able to go from someone with no experience in our industry to consistently the top 5% performers nation wide in matter of only 5 months. Not only did he become one of our best, he became a top trainer helping others maximize their potential.

What we love most about Dylan is that he proves you don’t have to have experience in the field of sales to do well at Bealstone Inc. With his amazing optimism and willingness to outwork the rest of the team, he was quickly able to move up with in the company. His advice to those looking at working with the Bealstone Inc team is to evaluate your work ethic and student mentality. “I had absolutely no experience or degree in this career. This company really invests in its employees. With their help, I have been able to make a great living while providing for my entire family in no time.”

Dylan is a native to Pennsylvania who enjoys spending time with his family and friends on his off time. He enjoys camping every weekend he can with his family and loves to hunt and fish. He’s also a nerd at heart! Learn more about Dylan and the Bealstone Inc. team here. 


Bealstone Inc Spotlight: Amanda Mroz

amanda bealstone incAt Bealstone, Inc, we believe that hard work and dedicated training can help you go a long way in your career. This is especially true for our interns, who come to us ready to learn about running a business in ways that you can not get from the classroom. This month, we asked Intern Amanda to share what she has learned during her time with us.
Amanda is a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh, where she is studying Human Resources Management and Finance, with minor in Economics and Political Science. She spends her time outside of school hiking, and has hiked trails in 12 National Parks so far. She is also the Vice President of Member Relations for Pitt’s Enactus Club, a student organization that works in the community to help start-up companies with their marketing and finance needs.
Amanda came to Bealstone, Inc looking for a real-life business learning experience outside of the classroom, where she would have the opportunity to advance her career in a friendly environment. She found that at Bealstone, Inc: “At Bealstone, I felt as though everyone wanted me to succeed and were excited to help! The welcoming environment made it easier for me to ask questions, and there was always someone willing to teach me.”
While at Bealstone, Inc, Amanda has learned many skills relating to operating a business, including how to interview prospective employees, how to close sales through customer interactions, and how important it is to have a positive attitude towards any challenge, “because attitude is one of the key components of achieving success.” She has enjoyed working in an environment where interns are appreciated, where opinions are valued by everyone who works there, and where she was greeted every day with a smile.
After she graduates, Amanda plans to prove herself at a company where she can work to advance into an upper-level position. Based on her time here at Bealstone, Inc, she will not have a problem succeeding!

Bealstone Inc.- Developing People. Changing Lives.

bealstone inc quote

When members of the Bealstone Inc team join our award-winning firm, not only are they learning the ins and outs of working with a high-profile client, they also have the unique opportunity to gain leadership skills and participate in our Career Development Program. Each week through this program, top account executives learn how to coach others, scout out new talent, and provide top-notch service to our clients.
At Bealstone, Inc, we provide opportunity, hands-on coaching, and experience for those looking to become national leaders in sales and marketing. We train and develop entry-level account representatives into nationally recognized leaders within the company. Our account representatives achieve promotions within the company through demonstrated success in sales and excelling in leadership roles. These responsibilities include training new representatives, running an entire operation, and working directly with our client.
Our account executives constantly rank among the highest in the nation, and our success has even been recognized by our clients this summer at National Conference. Owner Brendan Chapman credits Bealstone Inc’s success to “The human element. The one thing no other form of advertising can compete with is our hands-on approach with customers: wowing the client and the customers every day with our people… Our training program is designed to give a hands-on approach to each individual and develop them to be the best version of themselves and not another corporate robot. The human element is how we separate ourselves [from the competition].”
“The human element. The one thing no other form of advertising can compete with is our hands-on approach with customers: wowing the client and the customers every day with our people… Our training program is designed to give a hands-on approach to each individual and develop them to be the best version of themselves and not another corporate robot. The human element is how we separate ourselves”
-Brendan Chapman, President
Are you looking for a rewarding career with unlimited growth and advancement potential? Are you ready to join a successful company that consults with a Fortune 500 company to expand its market in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area? If so, Bealstone, Inc is looking for you!


Jariot earns his promotion to Assistant Manager

Bealstone Inc., a marketing and sales firm located outside of Pittsburgh, PA,  works closely with local businesses to assist and coach their purchasing departments. One core focus that allows our company to over deliver the work we do is our team’s ability to quickly and effectively on board new team members so that they feel confident and do well in their new position. Each member of the Bealstone Inc. team is provided coaching from Brendan, the company’s president, as a part of our management development program. A major part of this program is the ability to set goals for promotions and earn them. Jariot, who has been an asset to growing the firm, set a goal to earn a promotion to Assistant Manager and did just that this past week!

Jariot Spicer Bealstone Inc.pngJariot, who hails from Warren, PA and is a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan, joined the Bealstone Inc team back in February of last year. He quickly learned the ins and outs of the day to day responsibilities and made an impressive start on the client’s top performers list. Not only has he consistently appeared on the clients top performers list week in and week out, but Jariot has provided the team with great leadership as well. He has taken his previous experience as a football coach to help each member of the team grow and gain confidence.  Last Summer, he was recognized at a conference in Baltimore, MD for top leadership and continued to build up the team and train.

“There are very few people in this world that get to have as rewarding of a career as I do. Yesterday, I got to promote my friend and future business partner Jariot to assistant management. I’m so proud of this guy with everything he’s put in and worked for over this past year. He’s got such a great work ethic and attitude about himself. Thanks for putting in all the work you have buddy and I’m excited for the next step of building your business.”

-Brendan C., President at Bealstone Inc.

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Spotlight of the Month | Interns at Bealstone Inc.

At Bealstone Inc., the team focuses on learning the ins and outs of developing and expanding out client’s base in Pittsburgh and by doing so, they expand their skill sets and experience. Every year, the Human Resources team on boards several interns to participate working with the client and learn how to work with a small team. This semester, Bealstone Inc. is proud to work with Steve and Nick and for this month’s spotlight, we are getting to know them better.

bealstone-inc-steveSteve- Steve hails from Pittsburgh, PA but is currently studying at West Virginia University. He felt that Bealstone Inc was a great business to pursue his Spring Internship at and nice that it is close to home. Steve is looking to gain great sales experience and to build sales skills. He feels that Bealstone Inc’s management training program will help him gain sales skill and learn how to process a client’s needs. He looks forward to gaining more confidence in the work place and experience that he can use to further build his resume.

bealstone-inc-nickNick- Nick is currently studying at Robert Morris University, so interning at a company near to his school was a must. Not only does Bealstone Inc fit that need but he liked the well structured coaching and teaching program where he felt he could equip his skill set on how to overcome obstacles in life and learn how to coach people. He thinks that working with Bealstone Inc will bring out the best in himself.

We look forward to seeing how both Nick and Steve progress in their internships at Bealstone Inc. Interested in learning more about the team and opportunities at the company? Check out Bealstone Inc’s website.

Welcome to the Bealstone Inc. Team Cassandra!

WELCOME CASSIE BEALSTONE INC PITTSBURGH.pngBealstone Inc. is a company that provides opportunities for career development and advancement. This past August, we had several interns join the team to learn the ins and outs of working at a marketing and sales firm. Among them was Cassandra, who was also attending California University of Pennsylvania with a major in Management and minor in Marketing. Cassandra has, over the past few months, learned marketing for our client, gained experience in human resources, and also learned recruiting and office management. Upon graduating in December, Cassandra was offered a full time position at Bealstone Inc in the Human Resources team.

Cassandra found Bealstone Inc. on and she found that the team is very outgoing. She felt that Bealstone Inc. is a place where everyone wants to see others succeed while being the best versions of themselves. Since joining the team, Cassandra has become better at handling situations and working in client and personnel management. She feels that Bealstone Inc. has helped her to handle new situations that she encounters in her new role.

“I never really knew what I’d like to do, now I have the opportunity to find out”

-Cassandra Stephens

Cassandra is now handling HR and recruiting at Bealstone Inc. She takes an active role in company communications and operations. She is able to continue her career development and we can’t wait to see her successes at the firm.


Spotlight of the Month | Felicia Faye Reid

At Bealstone Inc., we know that the company’s success comes from the individual success of each members of our team. As a firm that works closely with business in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas, providing opportunity for career advancement and development is vital to growing the company. Part of providing opportunity and an atmosphere for success means recognizing those individuals who outperform and lead. For November, it made perfect to honor Felicia Faye Read as the Spotlight of the Month.

Though Felicia is a relative newcomer to Bealstone Inc., she not only has been incredibly successful at our firm but has been recognized for performance nationally several times! Felicia was a premed student at  Cornell University. Her senior year, Felicia switched into computational biology and picked up a business minor. She was also able to work int he ILR Business School. While searching for a position post graduation, she came across Bealstone Inc. “I was very excited about the personal development and growth in who I am as a person.” Says Felicia in regards to starting and the Management Development Program. She plans to take her experiences thus far and submerge herself with new information to learn skills that will help her with conducting interviews and handling day to day tasks at the firm. Felicia looks to redefine the industry in the long term by working as a team and helping team members become their best and achieve their goals. With already being in the National top 5 account managers, several time being #1 in the nation, we can safely say that Felicia is already well on her way.


Spotlight of the Month | Molly Doherty

Every month, the leadership team at Bealstone Inc. chooses one individual to feature for the Spotlight of the month. The person selected is chosen because they set the pace in performance and leadership. Molly Doherty, who joined the team back in July, was selected for September’s spotlight. She was chosen because she has become a core part of the leadership and development team and is a great at connecting with the team and our client’s customer base.

Molly, who is a Bethel Park native and studied Biology and Health Sciences at Duquesne University, came to Bealstone Inc. looking for an opportunity to gain experience in sales. She found that Bealstone’s fun environment and welcoming team a great fit for her style. “I am extremely outgoing and love people. Bealstone allows me to use this to my advantage creating sales relationships with businesses as well as helping others at Bealstone train and grow as I love being able to help others.” says Molly. She had never worked in business to business sales, so being able to gain skills in training, hiring others, and sales itself have helped her towards her goals and advancing in her career.

“[Bealstone Inc.,] is a big family. Even the CEO, Brendan, genuinely cares about your well being in and out of the office- everyone does. It’s really helpful when starting a new career.”

Molly Doherty.


Spotlight of the Month | Breana Hull

Bealstone Inc., located in Pittsburgh, PA, provides top of the line marketing experience for the largest online office supply retailer. In an effort to exceed our client’s expectations and provide their Pittsburgh customer base a professional and effortless sales process, Bealstone Inc. counts on our team members to have a great work ethic, be great students, and provide great leadership to our other team members. Each month, the management team selects a person who exemplifies mastering these responsibilities and who have become a cornerstone to our account management team. The team member who was selected for the Spotlight of the Month for August is Breana Hull.

Breana, who will gladly go by the nickname Queen B, started with our Account Manager team earlier this year. She was quick to catch on to the daily responsibilities and was also able to land on the Client’s weekly top 50 list early on. She came to Bealstone Inc. as she found the environment uplifting and was excited that the management training program would allow her to advance quickly. In September, Breana will be assisting in building up our Columbus, OH team and plans on ensuring that this new branch out performs for our client. She also personally plans to set the pace by landing in the top 10 for the Client’s weekly top 50 list. This, paired with her experience in restaurant management, will pave the way for Breana to open her own branch office in the next year. “I have always wanted to teach and develop people into management” say Breana. Her passions align her with the ability to quickly move up.

Breanna is from Honesdale, PA. Some fun facts about Breanna, she has met almost every professional Football player in the NFL. She also lived briefly in Mexico for three months. Lastly she toured the East coast by visiting over 19 breweries and 1 moonshine distillery. During that tour, she tried over 102 beverages.

Spotlight of the Month | Emily McLaughlin

Every month, Bealstone Inc features a top performer who embodies the principles of our company and show true leadership to our team. For July, we are getting to know Emily McLaughlin, who has been with the firm for several months.

Emily started with the team because Bealstone Inc., has a great energy to it and the team works well to develop great leaders. She appreciates that the company provides her the ability and opportunity to expand into her own branch and all training and support is provided. Currently, Emily is working on training her team and preparing them for the expansion that we will have in the next month or two. In the next year, she plans on aiding in solidifying the expansion team and also plans on being able to handle the next expansion by April 2017. With her consistent performance for our team and client, we have every confidence that she will surpass these goals.

Emily, who grew up in Ligonier, PA, has a background in psychology, as she was a mental health therapist for four years before starting with Bealstone Inc. Before that, she studied at the University of Pittsburgh, where she received her degree. She enjoys travel and in the last year she has been in a different state or country each month. A couple of fun facts about Emily, she was in the movie “Sorority Row” and her dog is named Nugget. Learn more about Bealstone Inc. here.