Elizabeth Martin |Bealstone Inc. Spotlight of the Month

Every month Bealstone Inc. picks one of our top performers to highlight and discuss what they love about Bealstone and why they are so successful. For March, Bealstone Inc.’s Spotlight of the Month is focused on our Assistant Manager, Elizabeth Martin. Elizabeth, or Liz for short, took a few minutes to let us know why she is our top performer this month.

Liz came to Bealstone Inc. when she was looking for an environment that was energetic and fun. She wanted a position where she knew the company cared about its people and she found that in Bealstone Inc. Liz had this to say about her experience with Bealstone Inc.:

“Bealstone Inc has one of the most warm and friendly tones. Brendan has been doing this job for three years which showed me that he is as passionate if not more now about what he does. That to me shows great leadership and someone who could help me reach my goals.”

Not only is Brendan a motivation to reach her goals, but her biggest motivation is her adorable son. She is driven to provide for any need that her son will ever have without having to worry about her accounts or ability to pay. She knows that with this opportunity she won’t find herself saying “no mommy can’t afford that.” Other motivation factors for Liz are the freedom and time she will have with her son through the ability to move up within Bealstone Inc. With our Management Development program, Liz will have the ability to support her son’s interest in sports, school, and anything he wants to take on. Liz is excited to know that because she is working hard now, she will always be in the crowd cheering on her son. She also wants to be able to travel with her son and show him the world.

Liz’s drive isn’t only for her son. She knows that by working with Bealstone Inc., she can provide others with the same freedoms she has. She wants to be able to provide this opportunity to others so they can have a wonderful life and support their families and their dreams. She knows that people who work with her need the following to be successful:

  • Heart
  • Passion
  • Positive mentality
  • Student mentality
  • Drive
  • Work ethic

Liz started in the Detroit location and had the opportunity to move to our Pittsburgh location. She was able to earn the promotion to Assistant Manager in just 7 months. Before working at Bealstone Inc., Liz played soccer for 25 years, worked as a server, and was a stay at home mom with her beautiful son. This is the first position that Liz absolutely loves doing and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Learn more about Bealstone Inc. by visiting out website.


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