William Bailey | Bealstone Inc Spotlight of the Month

Every month Bealstone Inc. picks one of our top performers to highlight and discuss what they love about Bealstone Inc. and why they are so successful. This month’s selection is William Bailey. He has been a instrumental member to our leadership team and easily pegged as a top performer in the office.

Will3iam, a New York native, came to Bealstone Inc. after searching for new experience. He had goals to be in pharmaceutical sales and the licensing to do that in New York but needed more experience to land his ideal position. After interviewing with Bealstone, William knew that we fit his needs.

After training with our entry level program, William had the tools he needed to be competitive with in our client’s network of account managers. He has been consistently ranked in the top 50 and  one of Bealstone Inc.’s top trainers. William is looking to maintain his top 50 rank each week and in the next year he plans to exceed a 75 K salary with our company.

“Bealstone Inc provides and exceptional opportunity and I love the work environment. The company provides an ability to constantly learn and develop my skills.”

-William Bailey

William is a Buffalo, NY native who studied Science at Canisius College and earned a B.S. in Professional and Technological studies. He previously worked as a waiter for six years while gaining his Pharmaceutical Sales license and came to Pittsburgh to gain further experience. Fun fact, William plans to go to New York City for the first time this year. 



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