Dominic DiGiacobbe| Bealstone Inc’s Spotlight of the Month

At Bealstone Inc., we value that it takes our team to make the firm’s goals realized. Each month we choose one of the team members that contributes to our goals to feature. This month, Dominic DiGiacobbe is the one stepping up into that role.

Dominic, who hails from Freeport, PA, came to Bealstone Inc while searching an early career in his life. He grew up playing ice hockey in the goalie position and learned his work ethic from the sport. He prides himself on needing to be the hardest worker and seeks to always gain knowledge from failures. He is the oldest of four siblings and ask him about his quest for the philospher’s stone.

Using his work ethic and hunger to learn, he plans start a revolution with our client in the long term, meaning he will be taking the lead on developing the processes in place with our client and becoming a driving force in the industry. He knows that he has what it takes to be the youngest Branch manager ever promoted to the position, and we know he can make that happen. In the short term he is focusing on the individual team members at Bealstone Inc and helping them to gain the skills they need to deliver for our firm and client.

“You don’t know what giving a 110% is until giving 110% is all you can do to be successful”

Dominic’s favorite quote.

Dominic is the biggest Justin Beiber fan you will meet and an avid Youtube lover. You can follow him there by looking up Leafyishere.