Spotlight of the Month | Breana Hull

Bealstone Inc., located in Pittsburgh, PA, provides top of the line marketing experience for the largest online office supply retailer. In an effort to exceed our client’s expectations and provide their Pittsburgh customer base a professional and effortless sales process, Bealstone Inc. counts on our team members to have a great work ethic, be great students, and provide great leadership to our other team members. Each month, the management team selects a person who exemplifies mastering these responsibilities and who have become a cornerstone to our account management team. The team member who was selected for the Spotlight of the Month for August is Breana Hull.

Breana, who will gladly go by the nickname Queen B, started with our Account Manager team earlier this year. She was quick to catch on to the daily responsibilities and was also able to land on the Client’s weekly top 50 list early on. She came to Bealstone Inc. as she found the environment uplifting and was excited that the management training program would allow her to advance quickly. In September, Breana will be assisting in building up our Columbus, OH team and plans on ensuring that this new branch out performs for our client. She also personally plans to set the pace by landing in the top 10 for the Client’s weekly top 50 list. This, paired with her experience in restaurant management, will pave the way for Breana to open her own branch office in the next year. “I have always wanted to teach and develop people into management” say Breana. Her passions align her with the ability to quickly move up.

Breanna is from Honesdale, PA. Some fun facts about Breanna, she has met almost every professional Football player in the NFL. She also lived briefly in Mexico for three months. Lastly she toured the East coast by visiting over 19 breweries and 1 moonshine distillery. During that tour, she tried over 102 beverages.

Spotlight of the Month | Emily McLaughlin

Every month, Bealstone Inc features a top performer who embodies the principles of our company and show true leadership to our team. For July, we are getting to know Emily McLaughlin, who has been with the firm for several months.

Emily started with the team because Bealstone Inc., has a great energy to it and the team works well to develop great leaders. She appreciates that the company provides her the ability and opportunity to expand into her own branch and all training and support is provided. Currently, Emily is working on training her team and preparing them for the expansion that we will have in the next month or two. In the next year, she plans on aiding in solidifying the expansion team and also plans on being able to handle the next expansion by April 2017. With her consistent performance for our team and client, we have every confidence that she will surpass these goals.

Emily, who grew up in Ligonier, PA, has a background in psychology, as she was a mental health therapist for four years before starting with Bealstone Inc. Before that, she studied at the University of Pittsburgh, where she received her degree. She enjoys travel and in the last year she has been in a different state or country each month. A couple of fun facts about Emily, she was in the movie “Sorority Row” and her dog is named Nugget. Learn more about Bealstone Inc. here.