Welcome to the Bealstone Inc. Team Cassandra!

WELCOME CASSIE BEALSTONE INC PITTSBURGH.pngBealstone Inc. is a company that provides opportunities for career development and advancement. This past August, we had several interns join the team to learn the ins and outs of working at a marketing and sales firm. Among them was Cassandra, who was also attending California University of Pennsylvania with a major in Management and minor in Marketing. Cassandra has, over the past few months, learned marketing for our client, gained experience in human resources, and also learned recruiting and office management. Upon graduating in December, Cassandra was offered a full time position at Bealstone Inc in the Human Resources team.

Cassandra found Bealstone Inc. on internships.com and she found that the team is very outgoing. She felt that Bealstone Inc. is a place where everyone wants to see others succeed while being the best versions of themselves. Since joining the team, Cassandra has become better at handling situations and working in client and personnel management. She feels that Bealstone Inc. has helped her to handle new situations that she encounters in her new role.

“I never really knew what I’d like to do, now I have the opportunity to find out”

-Cassandra Stephens

Cassandra is now handling HR and recruiting at Bealstone Inc. She takes an active role in company communications and operations. She is able to continue her career development and we can’t wait to see her successes at the firm.



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