Jariot earns his promotion to Assistant Manager

Bealstone Inc., a marketing and sales firm located outside of Pittsburgh, PA,  works closely with local businesses to assist and coach their purchasing departments. One core focus that allows our company to over deliver the work we do is our team’s ability to quickly and effectively on board new team members so that they feel confident and do well in their new position. Each member of the Bealstone Inc. team is provided coaching from Brendan, the company’s president, as a part of our management development program. A major part of this program is the ability to set goals for promotions and earn them. Jariot, who has been an asset to growing the firm, set a goal to earn a promotion to Assistant Manager and did just that this past week!

Jariot Spicer Bealstone Inc.pngJariot, who hails from Warren, PA and is a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan, joined the Bealstone Inc team back in February of last year. He quickly learned the ins and outs of the day to day responsibilities and made an impressive start on the client’s top performers list. Not only has he consistently appeared on the clients top performers list week in and week out, but Jariot has provided the team with great leadership as well. He has taken his previous experience as a football coach to help each member of the team grow and gain confidence.  Last Summer, he was recognized at a conference in Baltimore, MD for top leadership and continued to build up the team and train.

“There are very few people in this world that get to have as rewarding of a career as I do. Yesterday, I got to promote my friend and future business partner Jariot to assistant management. I’m so proud of this guy with everything he’s put in and worked for over this past year. He’s got such a great work ethic and attitude about himself. Thanks for putting in all the work you have buddy and I’m excited for the next step of building your business.”

-Brendan C., President at Bealstone Inc.

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